Made for the home chef

Introducing Nouri - the indoor smart garden that's here to take your culinary skills to a whole new level! With its state-of-the-art smart technology, Nouri allows you to effortlessly grow a variety of herbs, greens, and fruits all year round. No need to worry about failed harvests anymore because Nouri guarantees you'll have the greenest thumb in town! Rest assured that your herbs will be fresh, organic, and in season - ready to add a burst of flavor to your dishes!

About us

No fresh herbs at hand? We know the struggle. As a team of home chefs, who are passionate about creating fresh, delicious, meals for our family and friends, we knew how to achieve gourmet taste with our meals. That is why we reinvented gardening using smart technology and have developed Nouri.

Nouri is tailored for your specific taste and tailored to always provide fresh herbs at hand, ready for each day's recipe. Our goal? Simple! We aim to assist you in crafting nutritious meals using a dependable supply of fresh and clean herbs.

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  • Choose your seeds

    Purchase seeds from your favorite herbs, greens, fruits or flowers. The most popular choices are basil, parsley, mint, and thyme but your options are endless!

  • Place seeds in smart soil

    Nouri's smart soil is naturally made and guarantees for a clean harvest. It keeps water distributed evenly throughout the pod, ensuring that the plant roots have access to water and nutrients at all times.

  • Watch your plants grow!

    Experience the pure joy watching your plants come to life. We guarantee a successful harvest as Nouri is green thumb guaranteed. Even kids love it!

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